sábado, 20 de março de 2010

Ode To Defeat

Heart full of pain,
ignore me
kill me,
bend my mind,
shatter my soul,
crush my spirit.
And as my insides turn to dust,
remember that you were the person that held my trust.

Infest my wounds,
infect my brain,
drive me from this world,
to one thats a little more insane.
Thow me to the ground,
crush my bones,
under a blanket to muffle the sounds.

and as I lay bleeding,
my body lay broken,
my spirit in peices,
but my mind... clear as day, slightly twisted...
I stand and proclaim!

You do all this to me.
You leave me a little less human with every blow.
A little weaker in body...
But a lot stronger in mind,
I will not give up!
Never! no never!
You wont win!
you wont have the glory,
wipe that smirk of your face
you aren´t better than me....
Knock me down as much as you want...
i´ll just get back up...
"I wont give up..."

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