domingo, 27 de maio de 2012

A man should be guided only by the tip of his sword in the wind

A man is judged by his actions.

A mans actions should be of his own resolve,
of his own mind,
his own heart,
he should not be molded by others,
molded to think like another,
but he should seek a higher thought,
to follow anothers will,
is, in essenesce to deny his own.

"Why should my actions not be my own?
Why should i do something I care not for?
why? why do I even consider?
is it so overly simple that I do not understand?
I bend to the will of others supossedly, because it will make me happier
that I should feel more fulfilled,

however the exact oposite seems to be true,
the more I make others happy,

the more I bend to thy will,
the more my heart seems to bleed into this glass that shall never fill.

To submit and be someone I am not, and bleed my heart until it dries,
until all I have is subjugation for another."

No more, this shall not be the life I live